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The view of transition

Updated: Apr 25

Alice is a retired software architect who was in leadership for a fortune 20 company that discovered her passion in self healing.  She is seen as a healing leader that builds bridges by working Liberated Lovers members with the use of Relationship coaching, NeoTantra, and Somatic Experiencing; powerful tools that give trans women and men the courage to let go of the past and move forward to win over their lover.   


Alice originally went by Chris.  She is a male to female woman who experienced a gender transition that led her down a path that gave her the unique insight of why compassion, love, liberation, and empowerment are so important for our community.  She uses her life story as a way to help others find their authenticity and become complete.  In Tantra, we refer to the union of Shiva and Shakti as Ardhanarishvara.  This is a representation of how we find balance in our feminine and masculine energy that makes up our whole self to feel complete. 

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