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Life Coaching

Meet Alice, your dedicated life coach, specializing in guiding individuals through life's transitions. Whether you're aiming to overcome stress, enhance your connections, heal family relationships, set and achieve goals, or find inner peace, Alice is here to support you.

Using a powerful combination of transformational coaching, Tantra, and Somatic Experiencing, Alice empowers her clients to create a brighter future and turn their dreams into reality. Embrace the opportunity to reduce stress and open up new possibilities with Alice by your side.

Transform Your Life

  • Reduce Stress: Learn techniques to manage and alleviate stress effectively.

  • Increase Connection: Foster deeper, more meaningful connections with those around you.

  • Heal Relationships: Work through family dynamics and build healthier relationships.

  • Achieve Goals: Set clear, attainable goals and develop a plan to reach them.

  • Find Peace: Discover inner peace and balance in your daily life.

Step into a world of support, transformation, and community connection with Alice. Take the first step toward a brighter, more empowered future today.

  • Available Online

    Get to know us

    15 min

  • Available Online

    Reduce stress and open up opportunities

    1 hr

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